121 One to one
143 I love you
1432 I love you too
2G2BT To good to be true
2moro Tomorrow
2nite Tonight
4EAE Forever and ever
4ever Forever
?^ Hook up?
A3 Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime
AAF Always and forever
AAYF As always, your friend
AEAP As early as possible
AFAGAY A friend as good as you
AMBW All my best wishes
AML All my love
B4N Bye for now
BBBG Bye bye be good
BBL Be back later
BBS Be back soon
BCNU Be seeing you
BF Boy friend – Best friend
BFF Best friends forever
BFFN Best friends for now
BW Best wishes
c ya See ya
CM Call me
CSA Cool, sweet, awesome
CWYL Chat with you later
CYL See you later
CYT See you tomorrow
D&M Deep and meaningful
DF Dear Friend
DYHAB Do you have a boyfriend?
DYHAG Do you have a girlfriend?
F2F Face to face
FF Friends forever
FTBOMH From the bottom of my heart
FYF From your friend
G2GLYS Got to go- love ya so
GBH Great big hug
GF Girlfriend
GLB Good looking boy
GLG Good looking girl
GLYASDI God loves you and so do I
GN Good night
GNBLFY Got nothing but love for you
GR8 Great
GTSY Glad to see you
H&K Hugs and kisses
H4U Hot for you
HB Hurry back
HU Hook up
HUD How you doing
ICW I can’t wait
ILU I love you
ILY I love you
ILUAAF I love you as a friend
IWALU I will always love you
IYQ I like you
JTOU Just thinking of you
KFY Kiss for you
K4Y Kiss for you
KIT Keep in touch
KK Kiss Kiss
KOTC Kiss on the cheek
KOTL Kiss on the lips
L?^ Let’s hook up
LDR Long distance relationship
LHU Let’s hook up
LOML Love of my life
LTNS Long time no see
LTR Long term relationship
LUSM Love you so much
LY Love you
LY4E Love you forever
LYB Love you Babe
LYL Love you lots
MF My friend
MTLA My true love always
MUSM Miss you so much
NTMU Nice to meet you
OOAK One of a kind
PCM Please call me
PLS Please
QT Cutie
RLF Real life friend
SIT Stay in touch
SWAK Sealed with a kiss
SYL See you later
SYS See you soon
SYT See you tomorrow
T2UL Talk to you later
T2UT Talk to you tomorrow
TOY Thinking of you
WTGP Want to go private?

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